About Us

We are a specialist Canadian Immigration consultancy firm located in Brampton, ON established in 2007. We offer immigration advice and visa application services to our clients. All immigration advice given is by our Registered Migration Agents.

All members of our team are highly trained in the relevant immigration legislation and experienced in managing a wide range of visa applications. Our team focus is on providing the highest standards of client service in a friendly environment

Regardless of the level of immigration assistance you need, we have a convenient and affordable service to suit your requirements

Our clients fully benefit from their rights and privileges concerning immigration matters. We will take all the required actions to insure that our clients will obtain the visa they have applied for. It is our goal to make the process effortless on the client’s part.

Our experience, availability, expertise and determination are at the client’s disposal. Our team of qualified professionals will assist in the planning and organization of professional and personal activities in the country of their choice.

Important Notice

We are a private company and is not part of the Department of Immigration & Citizenship of any country. We do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only assist and advise people who want to travel/migrate to Canada. We are also in process of expanding our services (Limited Categories only) in countries particularly like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and a few more. We will update our website about these services soon. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship.

ALERT! We do not have any agents other than mentioned in our Contact us section. If Anyone claiming our agent other than mentioned in Contact us, we are not liable for that. If you have any questions/queries contact us directly.

Our Team

Member ICCRC ID#R419007
Oath Commissioner for Ontario & Quebec
905 795 8999 x 110

Sanjay Sharma | RCIC

Sanjay Sharma, is the founding partner of Smart International Immigration Solutions. He received his B.Sc. in 1995 and moved to Canada in 2000. He started his Immigration Consultancy business in 2005 and completed his Immigration Consultant Program in 2008 and become member of Candian Society of Immigration Consultants in 2008 and later he became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

He has been honored with a fellowship from The Canadian Migration Institute which educates and accredits its members, advocates on immigration law and policy, and promotes consumer protection within the Immigration community.

With years of dedicated and professional service, Mr. Sharma has a proven record of a large satisfied clientele. Having thorough knowledge of Canadian Immigration procedure, policy and the immigration process, he helped several people settling in Canada. Working ethically, providing Honest advise and transparency in the process are few important but key factors on which Mr Sharma concentrate in his practice.

Sanjay represents clients in all kinds of Canadian citizenship and immigration matters and is managing Case Processing, Administration and Business Development Departments.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Oath Commissioner for Ontario
  • Commissioner of Oaths for Quebec
  • Member Canadian Migration Institute

Member ICCRC ID# R506738
Oath Commissioner for Ontario & Quebec
905 795 8999 x 107

Manjit Mahal | RCIC

Manjit Mahal is one of the Director and experienced consultants of Smart International Immigration Solutions. Since immigrating to Canada in 2005, he has been serving the community and this passion lead him to complete the Immigration Consultant Program from Humber College. He is an ICCRC member and certified Oath Commissioner for Ontario and Quebec. Despite having a high degree of knowledge in immigration, Manjit Mahal completed his MBA and M.Sc.Ent from Punjab Agriculture University, India. His professional client services and social skills aid in the success of several immigration cases.

Manjit practices various areas in Canadian immigration law. He deals with cases of permanent residence and serves clients in applying for program applications such as federal skilled worker, humanitarian and compassionate, provincial nominee programs, parental and spousal sponsorships, and other cases, which involve business workers. In addition, he gives clients assistance with several types of work permits (open work permits, etc.), study permits, citizenship applications, PRRAs, and permits for temporary residency such as super visa.

With rising reputation in the immigration industry of the Greater Toronto Area, Manjit regularly updates the public on immigration stories with his expert knowledge in all aspects of immigration rules and regularities. He appears weekly on radio stations, and Vision TV to inform listeners and viewers and answer frequent questions.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Oath Commissioner for Ontario
  • Commissioner of Oaths for Quebec

Director – Operations
905 795 8999 x 108

Nitin Angrish | Operations

Nitin Angrish, is one of the Director of Smart International Immigration Solutions. Immigrated to Canada in 2005, he completed his Immigration Consultancy Program in 2010 followed by Paralegal Diploma from Humber College, Canada. He is currently serving Company as Director, Operations and assiting our client’s in Customer Service and Sales.